Dec 122013

Vickie 6 Webcam Fishnets

  13 Responses to “Vickie 6: Webcam Heat “Fishnets””

  1. spc can you re-up chanel exposed i coped a ultramega premium account

  2. yall do know dis bitch did 2 hardcore sextapes rite lol

    but dey sellin dat shit 4 bank tho smh

  3. One guy is selling it for $300, she personally said the vid is no longer available through her. But anyone on their right mind wouldn’t spend that type of money. If spc could find both vids that would be the greatest post PERIOD!!!

  4. this bitch is always on myfreecams

  5. outstanding reup the prior videos. whats vickie 6 myfreecams name?

  6. I have another one of her vids SPC i don’t mind sharing it but i don’t really know how to upload or get it to you lol

  7. she got some vids on her myfreecams account too

    • This chick got 5 videos for sale $300 a whop or 2 for $500.. Smh I got the small preview pics for all them and I got 2 preview videos not the full ones if yall want the video n pic email me ( ill send it cus every time I upload it it gets taken down

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