Apr 122018

WCH APR12 480.mp4 – 640.9 MB

  7 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday”

  1. Yoo what type of converter do you use to convert all your videos? I have large files but want to compress them without losing quality.

      • I’m just here asking a simple question… you’re ignoring me like i asked you for a million dollars smh. I have videos that I really need reduce for space… & u seem to always condense big files into small files & still maintain a great quality so I’m asking……..

        • I wasn’t ignoring u. Some comments are left in the queue so that I remember to follow up on them. There are a ton of diff converters. It all depends on what types of files you’re using and/or creating. If you’re editing the files graphically or just condensing them with no visual changes. Paid apps or free ones. Etc etc. Honestly, without me knowing exactly what youre looking for, a google search is gonna be more useful than anything I could tell you on here.

          • Okok i see, it’s all good. Yea i tried searching on google but can’t find the right converter. Tbh, I’m just trying to convert & compress big mp4 videos that’s over 1-2 gigs into anything less & under a gig w/o losing 0 quality, just trying to create space on my mac. I have way too many large files. And i notice the majority of your videos usually don’t go over 1 gig & their pretty long videos with good quality, which easily could be a lot bigger for us to download so i was really curious to know how you convert them & what you use.

        • Hey man,

          You can try Bigasoft total video converter.

          I use it and have no complain. Works well.

  2. Who is the second girl with short hair?

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