Dec 292013

Vickie 6 XXX Sex Tape

  47 Responses to “The Vickie6 Sextape”

  1. I was hoping this was the full length video. But Thanks anyway

  2. lol, knew her ass was a hoe… fucked him raw too and bust in her face… lol, lets hope they got one of her in a train. lol. Still hoping for a sex tape of JoiRyda 😉

  3. damn! she went n got implants after all these yrs?! she can still get it

  4. I asked her why does it cost so much she said “they were professional filmed” LMAO!!! so is every other porno out there. She also said the sex video is no longer for sale.

  5. i was about to get hype

    she really handled this all wrong

  6. at least this version doesn’t have written all over it like my version

    lol i didn’t know this was on xvideo!

  7. any re-up on the link?

  8. Lil ass white dick ain’t doin shit in that coochie. Dude must be her sugar daddy or some shit.

  9. LMOA thats the bluestarlive owner fuckin her, Adam Dean

    • OH, WORD?! Well that explains everything! Knew this fat ass lil dick white dude musta been her sugar daddy or something. LMAO!

  10. wll, part owner. I am part owner of BSL 😉

  11. can we get a re-up?

  12. reup plz?

  13. Can we gea reup SPC?

  14. if this is the real FULL length re up ASAP please!!

  15. I will be refreshing this page quite for a while, I wanted to see this particular vid for a long time lol

  16. word its down can u email me 2 ”V

  17. Can u email it to me too?

  18. As soon as you uploaded, they took it down. It’s like she has spies monitoring the net. They really want top dollar for this video smh

  19. Links dead!!!!
    Been trying to get this shit for quite a while.
    Someone upload this onto a torrent site or a different file sharing site,

  20. Some of you greedy fools who have the video already can at least do us the favor of uploading it to site…that shit won’t get deleted from there.

    • or , but like he said once it’s on a torrent site, it will be very difficult to delete.

      • They need to hit us up with a torrent link ASAP, then that shit will spread like a fucking virus.
        White dude in the video is probably ashamed of his little ass dick, maybe that’s why he be flagging it down :)

        • I think that is or was her boyfriend/ sugar daddy. She had a number of xxx vids for sale on her MFC account, but removed them after no one was buying them, except for a bj vid she sales when she is online, I think it’s $80.

  21. yeah, links down again.

  22. Somebody re-up or post a working link

  23. And can we get a RG link this time too PLEASE

  24. Someone need to email SPC to get this shit on the road

  25. Somebody must have it. Has to be on the internet somewhere

  26. here is the link download it quick
    if it goes down ask for a re up

  27. reup

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