Nov 112017

Thx @ Evan!

Shteena1080.rar – 1.4 GB

  23 Responses to “@Shteena: Angry Moon”

  1. @SPC, damn bro! Don’t know what to say except Thank you. :) Appreciate the work that you do for us. :)

  2. the video on nitroflare don’t work

  3. thank you. this website looks awesome

  4. Is this playing correctly for everybody else…? Not getting sound or picture from the uploadgig file…

  5. is angry moon the new wave ??? also anyone have trouble playing this video?

  6. VLC…That is all.

  7. Hey SPC, dont you have more of her from angrymoon?

    • Grab a username, leave a real email address, make some comments so I know you’re here on the regular. Then we talk about requests 😉

  8. I mean, videos 2, 7, 8, 11 … she s on fire!!!!!

  9. Yo @SPC man I’ve been coming to your website for a long time now and I finally decided to go premium I told you this already In a Sahara santos video comment, lol idk if I get to request videos now but angrymoon videos would be much appreciated man.

    • Thx for signing up Will, and yes you get to request vids!!!

      Not sure if I can get angrymoon but I will def look into it for you.

      • @SPC bro, I have the all videos of shteena from angrymoon. Let me know if you want to me post them here.

        • Yessir!! Shteena is bad AF, please share those w/ us!!!

          • @SPC,

            Shteena is bad. That i agree. 😛 But these shoot isn’t very good. They made so much change in it since the first release. Initially each clip was 10 min + (like the one here) and there were 10-12 clip in total. No there are only 6 clip. 7-8 min length per clip. So many cut scene in these clips. Ruined the whole thing for me.

          • Major props for these Evan. I hope they change the format cause you’re right up about the editing smh.

            If you need anything hit me up and I’ll get it to you asap 😉

          • @SPC bro, yeah.

            These editing ruined this shoot totally.

            Thanks man.

            I know. You always deliver. :)

            Anyway, like i told you few days ago i really need to see melgfit from MM and Una from show mag. you already replied about it. Just had to say it again. 😛

            P.s. i have few more 1-2 models shoot from angrymoon. Let me know if you need them.

          • I got ya Bro, send me the URLs for what u talkin bout

  10. @SPC will be waiting for any angrymoon videos they have some bad bitches there.

  11. Oh shit!! Thanks @SPC

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