PinkyXXX: The Butt

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  1. faybee says:

    can you reupload. link is dead

  2. booshbooshboosh says:

    holy fuckin shit her ass is amazing

  3. big tex says:

    that was live as hell cuz

  4. Sosa says:

    I can’t get past the face on this broad. Shorty face look like a street curb.

    Would I still hit tho? PROLLY.

  5. Errbody says:

    All it took was one post to put every other website to shame. Damn!

  6. azzlover says:

    OMFG! i really hope i see that ass again in more videos. best azz ever!

  7. gangnumstyle says:

    the link is dead can you please re-upload…thanks

  8. Woo says:

    I can’t believe that ass….. I always thought you could get any better than Mz. Booty but this chick is just Wooooow…. As I was just watching the movie, all I could say is damn…. lol

  9. John says:

    WTF is this shit?! This hoe’s is all kinds of UGLY! The fuck was Pink thinkin is puttin her crackhead ass grandma in this shit?! SMDH

  10. realtalk says:

    realtalk i aint even gonna lie… that ass is huge but this scene put a nigga to sleep .. shit was boring

  11. KingTeezy says:

    That’s too much ass, I love a big ass but I rather have Ms Cleo than this fat bitch.

  12. Anonymous says:

    the link is dead