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  1. kingteezy says:

    Links not working spc.

  2. moha says:

    re up please links dead

  3. Up North says:

    OMFG that ass is mad fake! Look at that shit compared to her legs! lol. I’d still beat tho.

  4. Datdude88 says:

    Damn that ass fake. I’d still beat tho. I hope this dude went to work on that fake ass.

  5. CJ says:

    He fuck the shyt out that fake ass booty

  6. LK says:

    oh boy here we go again with this fake tities , fake ASS , hair Hatted , Tatted up mix korean hoodbooger chick. Omg please hope this is the last we see of her , Pinky please switch that hair style , shit looking wild whack wild crazy . Also look at that stupid extra long Eye lashes on this mix korean . she’ll get it on a drunk dick night

  7. Stricken says:

    You can you split the hd file it’s too big to download unless you get a premium.

  8. Michael says:

    Some of these comments about the ass being fake are plain ignorant. The longest one is plain stupid. A big ass is a big ass, big tits are big tits. WHY does anyone care whether a bitch got her T & A from her momma or a doctor? OF COURSE bitchez are going to enhance their bodies and hair, why the fuck do you think they wear makeup? As for tats, they’re fuckin hot. LK is so obsessed with bitchez being natural, he might as well have them not put on any makeup, not comb their hair, not shave their legs or pits and look like they came straight up out the fuckin forest.

  9. edwin jones says:

    fake, baked, real or shake. that ass is delicious af. id bust a few nuts in her

  10. Tony says:

    Can ya split the download inta 2 cause it 2 big unless you got some premuim crap thx