May 162018

First GIF…She got some explainin’ to do…

WCH MAY15 480.mp4 – 744.8 MB

  11 Responses to “Phat Tuesday”

  1. that bitch freaky..i like that first gif

    • That chickenhead is nasty. If she need someone to eat her out, find a man. Shit come by my house and I am gonna fuck ya!!! Dick ya down good!!!

    • lmao yeah she is

      • @ SPC,

        You see this chickenhead!!! Them pet lovers are going to find her azz and get at her. She’s a nasty ass chickenhead. No telling what type of weird shit this slut be doing.

  2. Curious from the file title these are from May right? As some of these clips I have from your other cam compilations.

  3. Im loving the KL posts. Keep it up man :)

  4. Katt need her post. I do love the amateur post tho.

  5. What the entire fuck hahaha if she do that shit live on cam, this bitch is down for whatever you wanna throw at her. Nut all up in her nostrils like it ain’t nothin. Ya smell me bitch? Yea you do

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