Jun 262018

Mz Standing Ovation
Mz Standing Ovation 480.wmv – 156.4 MB

  8 Responses to “Mz Standing Ovation”

  1. thats right you are killing em!
    you are the greatest of all time, to do this shit right here, foreal bruh!
    but also, thanks for uploading the mz standing ovation connect pal, part 1.
    you gotta keep mz standing ovation, big booty clapping ass, connect pal videos coming bruh!
    i wonder if she gonna get totally nude soon?
    lets hope that she aint a scam ass bitch though!
    like scamming ass the only hydro, zmeena orr, taylor jones, and dat bitch juicy!
    all of these greedy ass bitches!
    playing games with folks money, operating these scam ass connect pal pages!
    just to make some chump change every month, lol.
    fuck these greedy, scamming ass bitches!
    imma stay rocking with you!
    and, keep on renewing my premium nitro flare account, bruh!
    one last thing though.
    could you check your archives.
    re upload them old 50 inches, or better videos from back in the day aight.
    upload them, big booty judii, kream, brickhouse, mz supa donk, mz cheeks videos if you can.
    does 50 inches, or better have new models on that website now?
    i might pay for a 2 day pass to see wassup.
    i appreciate you in advance, bruh!

    • Bruh speaking of 50 inches or better it’s one on there named China Staxx I smashed off that backpage one night, lol. Ass too phat.

    • there is another scammer bambambi202, been a while she didnt upload any new shit.
      and do keep tanya lieder, tyger booty, mz standing ovation coming!

    • zmeena orr, got nude vids and dat bitch juicy got one too just google it should pop up

  2. Needa see the hoe get NAKED!

    • You gonna b waitin’ a long time, bruh! If this is how she starting, this is how she continuing…I learned that with the rockiebaby chick. From what I know, she primary homebased in Orlando, where they don’t even get close to naked. The best vid she got is the one Pinky had her do…then she pretty much dropped off the map after that…until this BS…lol!

  3. Any word on any more from this thick chick?

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