Malicia Santana

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  1. jimmy says:

    so errrbody wanna get butt injections now terrible just terrible

  2. #21 says:

    Big @$$ fake BOOTY and chicken legs look ridiculous!!! She shoulda injected the legs, too…lol

  3. Mr.IDGAF says:

    Niggas kill me, talking about they hate fake asses, I bet if this bitch wanted to give you some pussy, ya would hit. Instead of beating your beating and ranting on fake asses on a here. Nigga as long she can shake it and it can move, then IDGAF. Pussy is Pussy my nigga.

    • Anonymous says:

      son you cant deny her ass shots are ridiculous
      went too far and its not looking like she had something safe injected either

      her ass is discolored, and in the last part the friction between her ass cheeks LITERALLY OBLITERATED the thread of her thong. shit just aint right. her titties fake too, good fakes, but damn. she aint right in the head

      still smash though, but that wouldnt be no amazing conquest

      now someone like mia bunny?!

      FUCK. YES.

    • jimmy says:

      niggas kill you …… should kill yourself cause you willing to stick anything with a pussy i bet your favorite is goat pussy…….this chick ass is wack and looks like its going to fall off capt’n save a hoe

  4. reup says:

    fake and horrible 110%.

  5. Anonymous says:

    reup to hipfile

  6. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE that fake look… just awesome