Dec 222016

Big Thanks @ Russ

Love Randalin CP
Love Randalin CP 480.mp4 – 889.4 MB

  26 Responses to “Love Randalin: Connectpal #3”

  1. Hi any chance if you post ” Caroline” new update xxx from bigbootypantyhose ?

  2. Someone has to be honest with her and tell her this aint attractive , whos the niggaz that are gassing her up!?!?

    • I’m not really feelin her but she is popular with a lot of people.

      • its koo if u dont feel her, but shes all i wana feel lol. she looks like a caricature in all the best ways possible. i actually went out on a date with a chick (a 38 yr. old milf actually) with this body type, not as good as hers sadly, but just as awesome since she was in my hands lols. great feeling her in my hands, but sadly i didnt get to fuck on night 1

    • bruh, if u can read, the site name is Azz OVERload , NOT lil’ box shaped ass empire, ok. She has the epitome of what an azz overload is, if there ever was one, soooo go back to brazzers or some non big ass site u lil dick lame. i dont believe in marriage for men, and id be verrrrry close to marring this 1

  3. Her ass looks like saggy grandmother titties. A fat ass aren’t suppose to have hot dog pack wrinkles.
    I guess this just isn’t for me…

    • wtf if wrong with you?!?!? obviously ur a hater. wtf do u think “slim girl waist w/ fat girl ass” means???? jezeus, like are u even black? some 1 pleaaaassee revoke this lil dick negros hood pass!!

      • Ummn, I’m defiently black, and I don’t fucks with this because she’s flat out sloppy. she needs to hit the gym with all them creases in her system. Cellulite has never been the movement. So please don’t question me like that in your life.

        • bruh, if you think shes sloppy, wtf kinda girls u tryna go after? normal girls with Fake ass n Fake tits? thats dime-a-fuckin-dozen n i get tired of that shit. u should too. all us Men are Fuckin idiots for lettin chicks fake boobs n ass get validated this far. Like if my job was fake, or my apartment was fake, a chick would be gone so quick, all my gold was fake or i drove a fake car (jus a rental or somethin) maaaaannnn, she would be like “peace!!”
          but i digress
          this chick is REAL and has skinny and a FAT GIRL ASS. you either have a lil dick n cant perform, your endurance sux n would only last 3 min, or are gay. sorry.
          n i know u arent black, kuz if u was, u would have already hit somethin wwaaaayyy worse lookin than her. shit, i have, im not gona lie, n i enjoyed it too. but to deny this, shiieeaatt. nigga you gay

  4. As much as I keep thinking she needs to do hardcore scenes, my gut feeling tells me her sex game is trash.

    • weeellllll if you expect Her 2 do ALLL the work then yea, she might get tired. but i sense your game is trash since u even took the time to say sum dumbassitry like this. u should hit the gym so u dont last only 5 min b4 u get tired.

      • Are you really hurt over another man’s opinion about a female? Do you know her personally or something? Lmao grow up bro.

        • naaa man not hurt. jus disappointed. i mean we all come here 4 a reason right? the “AZZ Overload” !!!! where the fuck do u think u are son?
          u know she gona get a lil tired @ the minimum, but thats ok. u get a girl like this n doggy all day, u b good. shit, ill take her every position since i work out jus 4 that reason lol.

  5. Props for all the heat over the years. But this…please never do this again.


  7. Hey man, been following the site for years, and I gotta play devil’s advocate here. I really fuck with this shit heavy! Nice post

  8. More Love-randalin please. White girls like this, the latinas from that latin ass site are amazing. do u know about any asian girls like this? Or even some TRUE big booty asian girls? they are too few n far between. also do u happen to have any of the orgy-ental or orgyental, the black on asian girl series in HD? or even the BrazilBang, black on latina series in HD.

    and yes i have some stuff to contribute lols

    • bman you a fuckin lame loser ass weirdo. I dont NEVER EVA EVA comment on this site, but to see these simp fag gas this Michelin Tire bitch up had me charged. I BET HE WANNA HOLD DAT BITCH HAND IN PUBLIC AND ALL. BOi ya standards are non-existing. I dont even wanna go in on the bad body hoe but i cant sit here and watch this boi berate another man becuz her not attracted to Ms. Pillsbury. FOH. Have some self respect ni99az cot damn.

  9. I’d fuck her

  10. this bitch built like Squidward when he ate all the Krabby Patties

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