Jun 182018

Lisa BL
Lisa Aires 720.mp4 – 264.1 MB

  15 Responses to “Lissa Aires”

  1. Once again you came through in the clutch like Young Kobe, I appreciate that fam!!!

  2. did they release the whole video for Lisha Hepburn Bad girl and Satellites?

  3. What kinda fuckery is dis doe? That’s a dildo right? Smdh….

  4. Lmaooooo… niggaz wearin fake dicks now?

  5. Props for getting this because he deleted this scene off his page because he said Lisa was complaining about it lol. Also a reminder, that Brooke Babes aka Sweetcakeyb will be on BLS real soon. He said sometime this July. So just a head ups!

  6. is that real or nah?

  7. Spicy J better not pull this type of hoodwinkery.

  8. i know this aint related to Lisa Aires, but can u upload the new Jada gemz vids pls?

  9. a dude wearing a fucking strap on? im done!!! LoL

  10. you the man for this one SPC anybody know if he deleted or not, want to know if the other parts are going to get released

  11. Any chance you will be uploading this again? Been wanting to peep this so imagine my disappointment seeing it was taken down.

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