Jun 072017

Kitty Lov 06-17
KittyLov-VIDEO-25-3BlueOutfitWhiteRoom 1080.mp4 – 710.6 MB

  9 Responses to “Kitty Lov”

  1. kityy love is a begging bitch on her ig page, bitch thinks she is worth $5k to smash and claims she had 50 cent pay her $1500 to smash, bitch cant even pay for her rent and schooling lol

    • LMAO she the same way on cam!!!

      • u saw her ig live vids and this fat bitch dont have that many followers, clubonyx fired her ass shes claiming she quit, they dont want to fuck with her because of her stank mood

        • Yeah, she trash AF. 59 minutes out of 60 complaining bout tips when she aint even putting in work.

          • Damn! Yall killing Joselyn on here. No way in hell she is worth 5K to fuck. Yea she do live in the projects and always been hella bitter. The pussy is decent. She want a nigga to Captain SaveaHo I am like naw mama you good.

          • Fuck that hoe and everybody she cool w/ LOL

  2. Her body straight, but her face remind me of that Ernest dude from back in the day.


    • Preciate ya Dac 😉

      I don’t comment on shit like this often but damn, I gotta put the warning out b4 anybody waste they coins.

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