Apr 132018

Jennifer EXT
Jennifer Sosik EXT 1080.mp4 – 444.8 MB

  14 Responses to “Jennifer Sosik (Extended)”

  1. @SPC , damn bro. I was just about make a request about it.

    Could you please also upload officialprezillia one ? It will be available to member on 1st April i think. Thats the one i’m waiting for. 😀 Previews looks super hot.

    Thanks for this. :)

  2. Can you upload the extended version? I follow her on IG-she’s is bad as fuck!


  4. Did anyone see the Desire Rodriguez facial last night on camsoda?

  5. @SPC bro, shit man.

    How did you managed this? 😛

    Could you do the same for Official prezillia? That would be super awesome. 😀 That mixed video was so short. Full of cut scenes. :( Or Melgfit?

    Thanks bro. You are full of surprises . :)

    • I will try, but they are expensive as fuck ;(

      Need more premium members if Ima be coppin those on the regular

      • @SPC bro, yeah man. Those are so expensive.

        At-least, i hope you didn’t pay full for this one.

        That prick censored the shit out it. :(

  6. 😮 😮 … daamn thxx bro .. ur godlike xD … can u upload the prezillia ? that ass is just legendary …

  7. damn is there an uncesored version ?

  8. Hey, do i have a category only for the MixedMag and vodgirls videos?
    Ty for the video

  9. Hello ! Thx bro !

    Will we have an uncensored version ?

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