Jul 032018

New link added…

Ghetto Barbie
Ghetto Barbie 720.mp4 – 153.0 MB

  7 Responses to “Ghetto Barbie”

  1. Why the vid skipping and glitching like that? The thumbs look smooth but the vid is not at all

  2. I am having a playback issue, where it is jumpy at every point, almost as if it is moving back and forth and the same time. Tested on both WMP and Media Player classic. I even tested it on the Windows 10 movie player and it still does it.

  3. This hoe been doing the same old bullshit since myspace days lol. She need to start doing porn or something. I cant believe niggaz still going for this shit.

  4. Thank you kind sir!

  5. the video is very choppy. the thumbnails are great but u can barely watch because the vid ius moving in slow choppy frames.

    kep up the good work

  6. Bottom link not working.

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