Dec 252017

Ghetto Barbie
Ghetto Barbie TH 720.wmv – 219.9 MB

  9 Responses to “Ghetto Barbie”

  1. You killing it bro! 😉

  2. Im just glad she finally started making professional videos. Been jackin off to GB since her youtube days, and she’s only gotten THICKER & better! Props SPC!

  3. SPC !!!!!!!! you are the G.O.A.T for real bruh, PLEASE !!!!!! post some Caramel Kitten vidz !! and more Ghetto Barbie..

  4. very nice. can you upload cuban kakey new sextapes or sinnabunnz videos.pleaseeee

  5. New to this blog. Anyway to use without using a desk or laptop ? Sorry my trap limited to my iPhone

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