Jun 292017

Diamond Doll
Diamond Doll 480.mp4 – 197.4 MB

  5 Responses to “Diamond Doll”

  1. thank you bro more diamond scene please please

  2. All y’all wanna talk shit about Sultry Simone but this bitch just as wack too c’mon now… always covers her tits and and doesn’t do shit either. At least Sultry pretty as fuck and got a huge ass. And actually knows how to twerk compare to her & some of these models you upload from Mixed Magazine… FOH

    • I never talk my shit on here but lets be fair bro… some of these bitches are just as repetitive and boring. I can name a bunch. AND ain’t got no type of body what’s so ever…

    • You right frfr but Sultry doesn’t show her titties or even her buttcheeks, Its like she’s ashamed or some shit. plus that cute shit is for IG and snap.

      • You right too. But I think she’s just ashamed cuz I remember ppl used to slander her about her cellulite & how her cheeks looked that’s why she covered her ass with tats & doesn’t show much anymore. Look at her old WSHH vids she used to show way more for free until ppl started judging her body. Now she on some strict smh.. her body still A1 tho.

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