Nov 092015

#Ocelot #goodshitbro

Desire Rodriguez CP

  4 Responses to “Desire Rodriguez Compilation”

  1. Not bad but I wish these hoes would buy a fuckin GoPro or sum shit already!

  2. Glad you got them!

    • I had ana montana connect, but her’s is a ripoff. her profile is nothing more than a paid instagram, and she wants you to send a contribution to get “exclusive videos”

  3. Same thing with Sari Raz, you get a subscription to her page, and then she wants you to pay $25 and up for short ass dildo, twerking & shower videos. Then she asks if we want to make a video of her getting fucked by a guy…OF COURSE WE DO BITCH LOL! Some of these chicks & their CP pages, can’t trust ’em!

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