Aug 092017

Michelle Tucker PG6
Michelle Tucker PG6 480.wmv – 361.9 MB

  14 Responses to “Debut Scenes: Michelle Tucker”

  1. hey boss when I go to download says the link is down. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I’ve been gettin the same message for the last few updates on here

  2. I always wanted her to Do MORE Porn with Charlie Mac Shorty Mack and B.Pumper and Mandigo. But Hey I guess since she Got That African Tat of the Africa Ethiopia Tattoo She Just Got Brand New.

  3. By the way!, I Got a Scene Where She Has No Tattoo Of Africa On her Butt.

  4. Don’t know the Res Definition but that’s all I have. Hopefully there is a clearer One though. SPC you’ll probably find it knowing you. And your expertise Of the Best Porn.

    I just wish since you have seen me around I could view some of this stuff in video forms that you be putting up, because I Don’t pay for all that porn through links to get porn. HBO porn sucks nowaday’s

    (without big booty porn)
    if you can see my email on this site I would love for you to just send me one video for free and it’s Xtra thick black chicks Monique BBW black and latina big booty women don’t post it on this site when you find it but Email to me and yeah you can post it on Azzoverload to just since I helped you out help me out too. I won’t bother about to much more if you find that full 30 minute video with Monique and Kye.

  5. awesome Scenes i hope you upload more

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