Jun 162012


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  8 Responses to “Mizz DR Vol 11”

  1. Damn dem Nena Boo getting thicker and betta

    Thx for Upload

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you mother fuckers? Shorty got a fat ass. I can do without the glasses, face game ain’t on much. Nevertheless this is a shitty video. I REPEAT THIS IS A SHITTY VIDEO. What the fuck is ur grading scale, 6 votes damn near 5 stars a piece? Krystal Hill vids are better than this shit, and i’m not a big fan of her doing-laundry-or-other-random-ass-things-in lingerie videos!!! The shits only two minutes long??? STOP YOURSELF!

  3. Re-up, file down

  4. Them links didn’t go down that fast on hipfile, just saying. Its like those CB guys trolling the fuck out of this website or something.

  5. please reupload this !! link is dead thx

  6. Please eup man :(

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