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  1. RandomWhiteDude says:

    Damn dem Nena Boo getting thicker and betta

    Thx for Upload

  2. Bobby Digital says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you mother fuckers? Shorty got a fat ass. I can do without the glasses, face game ain’t on much. Nevertheless this is a shitty video. I REPEAT THIS IS A SHITTY VIDEO. What the fuck is ur grading scale, 6 votes damn near 5 stars a piece? Krystal Hill vids are better than this shit, and i’m not a big fan of her doing-laundry-or-other-random-ass-things-in lingerie videos!!! The shits only two minutes long??? STOP YOURSELF!

  3. ThatGuy says:

    Re-up, file down

  4. Anonymous says says:

    Them links didn’t go down that fast on hipfile, just saying. Its like those CB guys trolling the fuck out of this website or something.

  5. bigbootylover says:

    please reupload this !! link is dead thx

  6. glencocoe says:

    Please eup man :(