Jun 182018

Christina Sapphire
PB Christina Sapphire 1080.mp4 – 602.0 MB

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  1. This is one of my favorite pawg/milfs, collected a lot of stuff from her (she’s done quite a few interracial scenes)

  2. That’s not a problem, just let me know how I can do that and I will

  3. OK, give me a little time, gotta find the files first, lol got stuff on a number of different drives so gotta find exactly where I put those.

  4. I found them. I might have one up on you then cause I got 15 externals (21+TB), 2 other drives not accessible at the moment (showing up as not initialized- 9tb of content), probably 10TB+ stored on Blu-ray Discs, lolol
    not to mention the four crashed hard drives I have to attempt to recover stuff from as well, lol

  5. Nice one, SPC!! Any updates on S.I.T.H.xxx?

  6. Here are some more links

    Still got a few more to add, but getting some issues uploading them either directly or using zoom uploader which keeps giving me an error of “download link not found”

    • UG has had some server issues but it’s been OK for the past few days. Let me know if you have any issues. The links are much appreciated bro. If you have any requests lemme know.

  7. Well out of the links I sent you previously, I would really like to see these ones
    Also, I’ll keep checking through my stash to see what else I got you might find interesting including the rest of the Christina Sapphire clips. One that comes to mind is this gorgeous french pawg here:
    I got the rest of her vids if you’re interested. I usually try to get all the stuff I can of any girl I really like as well as sites (I got a lot of both lol). I’m getting a new 4TB hard drive in a couple of days, so I should be better able to access what i want easier when iI do some moving around stuff.

  8. Hey, lol. I just went on manyvids checking and stumbled onto this just released one here of this thick chocolate shorty I’m totally in love with:
    She’s done a couple more vids for this producer and another, all of which I have, not sure if you have any of hers. If you don’t I can hook you up with them. I’m interested to see what this new one is about.

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