Aug 232017

Part 3 Added

ChelasWay WW3
ChelasWay WW3 720.mp4 – 265.8 MB

  12 Responses to “Chelas Way”

  1. Kelli Staxxx CP?

  2. Yo bro great share as always

    can you get a hoe name rissa2cute???????????

  3. I hoping and praying she drops the bottoms in this one ain’t no water to hide in now please baby Jesus let them draws fall……can I get a amen

  4. Whats good with the new Summah June and MonsterMazzi BSL drops?

  5. Bro, you need to get sultry simone new cp man.

    • Lol I was JUST gonna mention that. I heard she dropped some fire. At least that’s what I heard..

      • She never drops fire and never has dropped fire all her videos are trash. Can yall please send me a link of sum fire shit she did cause im really tryina see what yall see in her. SHE JUST DON’T GIVE HER ASS A GOOD LOOK is always look trashy

  6. any chance of reupload?

  7. can i get a re-up to uploadgig thx

  8. Thanks SPC!!! Waiting for the full version.

  9. both links are dead re-up please

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