Chaos- Black Street Hookers 107/ MIRROR

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have a free link?

  2. James99 says:

    This is getting ridiculous with the Premium member downloads

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good looking out appreciate it

    • SPC says:

      LOL why do bother changing screen names, like I don’t know its u, James 99. I would ban your IP but I know how important it is for people who get no actual pussy to have access to porn. Keep the complaining to a minimum though will ya?

  4. CBNork says:

    lol Truth be told, out of all the blogs I visit, SPC is the ONLY one who has this habitual problem making shit premium only.

    • SPC says:

      Simple solution, don’t visit here. Go to your other blogs slice. Cause it’s pretty effin annoying having to listen to you whine like a baby all the damn time.

      • CBNork says:

        LMFAO I can understand you’re feeling some type of way ’bout that; not surprising. Rather than directly addressing the “habitual problem” in contrast to other blogs, you ignore that altogether.

        Whine? lol Pls, SPC. I’ve been a premium member for a handful of filehosting sites for over 6mo. now just because I can afford to do so. So be clear, SPC, I… we’re not whining.

        But you just can’t be so arrogant to think that no one notices your tactics in comparison to other blog-hosters; it’s pretty obvious, dude. Then you wanna bash anyone who would question the on-going premium links. What’s really ANNOYING– is your failure to acknowledge that.

        Oops, I just broke the 4th wall. Damn… oh, well.

        • SPC says:

          While you’re broadcasting your lack of funds (no one cares) 200+ premium users have already downloaded the video. So download it don’t, come here or don’t, I don’t care either way. Just stop whining, please.

          • CBNork says:

            Dis cat didn’t read a damn thing I just said.

          • Chronic Connoisseur says:

            SPC, yo I emailed you, copped a premium at the begin of the month, haven’t heard back from you man. Don’t let the haters bother you, just take care of those who show support man. Can you re-up any CM Jean vids?

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. daniel says:

    these kids are straight retard with these tats. hope they don’t have any kids.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i dont pay for porn hahhaa stupids like assoverload pay for porn hahahahha i have the torrent of this clip in HD hhahaha suck this azzover

  8. Anonymous says:

    yeaaaaah dude!

  9. hs says:

    So its premium only and the clips he post have that retarded watermark on them, like he personally shot the flicks. lol what an asshole! the basement got this in full HD, no premium either.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Never complain but I can’t lie… There’s a trend here.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Damn this shit still premium

  12. Tito says:

    Daaaaaamn I just hope she stay in porn