Uh-Oh. TheBody is heated ya’ll. She says there’s too much sharing of scenes and it’s hurtin her business, there may not be any new vids if it doesn’t stop. Look at that face, not happy at all.

No lie she’s been goin extra hard lately, Bunz4ever, Lailoni, Apple Bottom, I don’t want to see her close shop I’m thinkin’ maybe go easy for a while. I dunno so I’ma put it to the Azz-Ociates…

Post it or NAH???

I coulda went for WAAAAAY more scenes from these two. Damn shame some cape wearing dude probably came to their rescue SMH.

HBB Christina Copafeel


Damn, another Barry Sanders, retired in her prime type hoe. Between Lucy, Italia Blue and Hazel I think I’m owed about a dozen more scenes. Each.

CBO7 Lucy Pearl

BOB Lucy Pearl

The fuckin was good, the back & forth before the fuckin was even better. Bitch tried to clown on their ride and got owned LMAO. Best BBus scene in a while fellas…

BB Harley Quinn

Always leave em wantin more is for comedy not porn but Flame ducked out early like Chapelle after Season Two SMH. At least she left us with some FIRE scenes to remember her fine Azz.

PG9 Flame